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Applications List

name kind description
Simple Youtube Alarm Android To have an alarm playing a specific Youtube video everytime you wish.
Mail Me That Android Android application. You see an interesting web page, you find it interesting, with this application you can mail yourself the webpage just clicking a button.
Proporzioni Android Italian only. Semplice applicazione per il calcolo delle proporzioni.
IperAmmortamento Android Italian only. Applicazione che permette di calcolare con estrema facilita' i benefici dell'iperammortamento.
BondInsider Web A platform to manage the pefrormance of several bond porfolios. This applications is directed specifically to capital management companies.
SLAC Map Web Android iOS An interactive map to easily locate buldings at SLAC, Menlo Park (CA). For a in-mobile debugging version of the application visit this link. iOS version is under work.